You have a billion dollar idea? I don’t care.

Great. You have an idea!

Your idea can change the world.

Your idea can do wonders to how we live our lives.

Your idea can do this, can do that.

Your idea can rake in millions of dollars.

You keep your idea a secret, thinking that if you tell people, they will steal it and make the millions for themselves. You think your idea is novel and new. You secretly plan how the idea can play out, envisioning the future that the idea can change.

You know what? I can give you 10 Billion dollar ideas- for free!

I observed that many people I know have great ideas. It’s pretty hard to get them to open up and share it. But worst of all, many ideas..remained as ideas…

The truth is, even if you go around telling people about your idea, it is unlikely that people will steal your idea (but the risk is there, very minimal though). More often than not, each person thinks they have a better idea than you. Even if they wanted to steal, can they take the idea to the execution stage? Majority stumbles at execution stage. Either they can’t even get themselves to kickstart the idea or they are just well poor in executing it.

Idea is cheap. Execution is fucking hard

Check out the following links. I am nobody. No big time success to back my words and arguments above. These guys who wrote the articles are big time investors, investors that backed many successful startups. Hopefully their words can give some backing to my argument.

Why you shouldn’t keep your startup idea a secret by Chris Dixon.

Your idea is overrated by Seth Levine

Note to entrepreneurs: your idea is not special by Brad Feld

What matters is EXECUTION.  It is the EXECUTION that adds value to the IDEA you have in your head. An idea by itself is worthless.

Facebook wasn’t a novel idea when it started. It wasn’t the first social networking site. Friendster, MySpace was around then.

Google wasn’t a novel idea. It wasn’t the first search engine. We had Yahoo!, Lycos etc.

Many more examples out there. And how they got to where they are today? Superb EXECUTION. They executed the idea, the plan brilliantly!

It is also a good thing to share your ideas. You get feedback from people of various backgrounds, expertise, exposure etc. Their input can help you refine your idea, or see things that you’ve missed.

So, you have another idea by the end of this post?

Share it! Execute it! 

All the best sexy peeps!



One Comment on “You have a billion dollar idea? I don’t care.”

  1. Eric says:

    Very nice ma friend, you should submit this to techcrunch! if u take out the swearing =)
    all very true.

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